5 Reasons It’s Better To Watch a Game At a Sports Bar Instead of a Stadium

There’s nothing like watching your favorite team play live at a stadium. The roar of the crowd, the energetic atmosphere, and the bright lights make it an unforgettable experience. 

As great as watching a stadium game can be, it’s not the only way to watch a game and, in our opinion, not the best way. We’ve put together a list of 5 reasons it’s better to watch a game at a sports bar instead of a stadium. 

1) You’ll Get a Better View of the Game

When you’re at a stadium, depending on the location of your seat, your view can be limited and you can miss out on key parts of the game. There’s also the chance you could be seated behind tall people or disruptive neighbors that take your focus away from the game. Believe it or not, at a sports bar you have access to all angles and have a better chance of catching all the action, even the replays.

2) It Could Save You Money

Watching the game in person can add up. Once you calculate the cost of transportation, parking, your ticket, snacks, and drinks, you’re looking to spend $100, if not more, per person, depending on who’s playing and the location. At a sports bar, you won’t need to spend $100 unless you want to and if you do, you will get a lot more ice cold beer for your money than you would at a stadium.

3) You’ll Have More Food and Drink Options

Even though most stadiums have bettered their food and drink choices over the past several years, your options are still limited for ordering food. The chicken tenders and nachos might be tasty, but they usually cost an arm and a leg and aren’t always of the best quality. When you’re at a sports bar, you have access to a fully stocked bar and you don’t have to worry about leaving your seat and going on a trek to purchase another round of drinks.

4) You Can Watch Multiple Games at Once

Are two of your favorite teams playing at the same time? Is your household split between fans cheering for two opposing teams? At a sports bar, you can watch both of your teams play without missing out on any of the action or tune into a different game if your teams are losing. All you have to do is turn your head and another high-definition television screen with a new game is there waiting for you. At a stadium, you’re stuck watching the match in front of you no matter how hard it may be to watch. Your only options are to stay or go home. Talk about a bummer.

5) It’s Easier

Driving to the city for a game takes more energy and time than driving to your local sports bar. It’s a hassle to locate parking, squeeze through crowds, climb the stairs, and find your seat. By watching the game at the bar, you save yourself the hassle and stress of making it to your seat and you still get to enjoy the game in a fun atmosphere.

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