5 Reasons It’s Better to Watch Sports at a Bar, Than at Home

If you’re a sports fan, odds are you like to have a great time on game day. Watching from the comfort of your couch has its perks, but there are several reasons it’s better to watch sports at a bar rather than at home.

For starters, you can watch multiple games at the same time. Wings and nachos are at your disposal without you having to turn on the oven or clean up the kitchen. Then there’s access to a variety of drinks–including your favorite drafts, and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Here are five reasons it’s better to watch sports at a bar than at home.

You Can Watch Multiple Games at Once

When two games you want to watch are on at the same time, you have to flip back and forth between the channels at home. If you’re at a sports bar like Hogan’s, we have 30 TVs that make it easy for you to watch your favorite teams at the same time. We have access to all the games, so you don’t have to worry about calling us to check what we’re showing or missing out on any of the action.

You Don’t Have to Cook

From buffalo chicken dip to loaded nachos, you can indulge in all of your game-day favorites without lifting a finger. Our mozzarella sticks and fried pickles already taste delicious, but they’ll taste even better when you don’t have to prepare them or clean up afterward.

You Can Get Great Drink Specials

There’s nothing like a great drink, especially when it’s a few dollars cheaper. At Hogan’s, we offer drink specials on game days, so you can knock back more draft beer, like our Funky Buddha Floridian or Goose Island IPA, while you kick back with your friends. We even offer specials on our delicious wings too.

You Have Access to a Lot of Different Drinks

Your liquor cabinet or bar cart may be well-stocked at home, but at a bar you have access to more options. From draft beer to tequila to seltzers, we have endless refreshing options for you to enjoy while your team scores another touchdown. You don’t have to make the drinks or worry about running out of alcohol, either.

It’s a Great Way to Meet Other Sports Fans

You can have a gathering at your house with your friends, but there’s nothing like watching a game in a bar full of enthusiastic sports fans. It’s a great place to meet new people and connect with other fans who cheer for the same team as you. Plus, the energetic atmosphere just adds to the game-day excitement.

Visit Us at the Hangout

If you’re debating whether you should spend Game Day at home, consider all the reasons you should watch your favorite team play at our sports bar in Clearwater Beach. From great drinks and specials to an energetic atmosphere full of enthusiastic fans, there are many reasons you should join us at Hogan’s Hangout on game days. Located right off of Clearwater Beach, we have 30 TVs for your viewing pleasure and a diverse menu of delicious food you don’t have to cook. Join us this weekend with your game face on and ready to cheer on your team!