5 Tips for Finding a Great Sports Bar

Finding a sports bar is easy, but finding a great sports bar can feel like a difficult task. In a city where there seems to be one on every corner, how do you find a truly great sports bar?

There are a few things that make a bar stand out above the rest. Multiple TVs in a comfortable atmosphere is crucial for sports lovers, as well as quality food, drink specials, and plenty of parking.

Here are a few tips for finding a great sports bar.

Make Sure They Have Plenty of TVs

If you’re going to venture out of the house to watch the game, you want to be able to watch it from all angles. If a sports bar doesn’t have multiple TVs throughout the bar, there’s a chance you may not be able to watch the game you want or have a good view without craning your neck. At Hogan’s Hangout, we have 30 TVs, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to see your favorite team play without a hassle.

Check for Game-Day Drink Specials

On game days, you’ll be spending multiple hours at the bar, and it can get expensive to keep your buzz going. That’s why it’s important to look for a sports bar that offers drink specials on your favorite beers or cocktails. You’ll be able to drink throughout the game without worrying about breaking the bank.

Pick a Sports Bar With Great Food Options

You’ll want to indulge in some delicious Game Day essentials, like chicken wings or loaded nachos when enjoying the game. Let’s be real: game day stress can have you burning calories! While you can find mediocre bar food anywhere, excellent bar fare spots can be few and far between. If a bar has your favorite foods and makes them exceptionally, your stomach will be happy, and you’ll probably find yourself back there for the game day pretty often…

Look for Comfort

You won’t find your comfy recliner at a bar, but you can find comfortable seating. Look for a place that offers bar stools and chairs with backs and arms so you can lounge comfortably. After sitting for several hours, your body will thank you for the extra support. Bonus points if the bar features cool air conditioning, fans, and fresh air!

Find a Sports Bar in a Great Location

Location is key and is an important deciding factor when looking for a great sports bar. When in Florida, a hangout by the beach is the best place to be. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for plenty of parking and other fun attractions within walking distance. 

Visit Us At The Hangout

Delicious food, comfortable seating, and multiple TVs are all things to look for when searching for a great sports bar. If you’re looking for a great sports bar in Clearwater Beach, we invite you to visit us at Hogan’s Hangout on game days.

Located off of Clearwater Beach, we offer drink specials and a diverse menu that will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving more. We have plenty of parking and are within walking distance of the famous Clearwater Beach. So look no further for that great sports bar – we’re waiting for you down at Hogan’s.