What Makes a Great Bar in Clearwater?

Whether you’re looking for a fun atmosphere to watch weekend games or a place to relax after a long day at work, finding the bar that’s just right can sometimes feel like a difficult task. When it comes to Florida Gulf Coast bars, what makes a great bar in Clearwater Beach? 

Great drinks and food are things to consider, as well as the atmosphere and location. Don’t forget the great service, which makes it a pleasure to become a repeat customer!

Here are 6 things to look for to help make your search for the ideal bar in Clearwater a little easier.

Great Drinks

Nothing beats a great drink. There are plenty of bars with alcohol, but not all of those bars know how to mix a stellar cocktail. Whether you prefer tequila, whiskey, or any spirit in between, a quality drink can go a long way to making your day a little less stressful. Even if you prefer to kick back with a bottle of beer in your hand, it’s important that your bar has your favorite beer available to serve you.

Great Food

There’s nothing like indulging in a juicy burger or loaded nachos while watching sports and day drinking with your friends. Bar food doesn’t always get the best rep, but at the Hangout, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Look for that bar that has mastered the art of bar food, fried to perfection and ready to tickle your taste buds. Never settle for mediocre food.

Great Service

The quality of service at a bar can make or break your experience. A spot with little to no wait and a fast kitchen is ideal. You should enjoy excellent service, with friendly waiting staff and fresh food delivered in a timely manner. Once you get a taste of the excellent service at Hogan’s Hangout, you’ll never settle for less-than-stellar service again.

A Good Atmosphere

When you arrive at a bar, you’re wanting to forget about the day’s worries, so you need a lively and fun atmosphere to distract your mind. A friendly bartender and waiting staff, as well as good lighting and Instagram-worthy decor, add to the carefree ambiance by creating an environment that helps you unwind and de-stress while you sip a refreshing cocktail.

A Good Location

Location is key and when in Florida, a hangout by the beach is the ideal place to be. Another thing to keep in mind is the parking situation and proximity to more fun. Ask yourself if there’s plenty of parking available and if you can walk to nearby attractions. Add a little ocean view and sea breeze for the cherry on top. 

Fun Events

When you go to a bar, you may be looking to relax, but you’re also looking to have fun. If karaoke is your thing, Hogan’s Hangout hosts karaoke every Monday night, and there are always happy hour specials to keep you buzzin’. Check our events page for upcoming events – you never know who will show up. Our special guests have included Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Ric Flair, and many more.

Visit Us At The Hangout

From great drinks and food to a fun and lively atmosphere, there are several things to consider when looking for your perfect bar. If you’re looking for a great bar in Clearwater Beach, we invite you to visit us at Hogan’s Hangout. Located off of Clearwater Beach, step inside our bar and unwind in a lively atmosphere with refreshing cocktails and quality service – we even host karaoke on Monday nights. So come on down and get your buzz on at Hogan’s Hangout. The perfect bar is waiting for you.